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Frequently Asked Questions



When and where is it being held?
April 1, 2017 at
John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL.
How many people are going to be there?
We typically have over 1,000 people in attendance.
What is the distance & route of the Walk?
The Walk is 1.5 miles. It starts off by the Center Drive pavilion, goes north on the paved walking path, and returns on the Heart Trail which is mulched.  Click here to see the path.
What is the route of the 5K?
It start on Prince Drive, turns right onto Center Drive, turns right at the boat ramp, and comes back on a paved sidewalk.  Click here to go to 5K website and see the path.
Will I be able to push my stroller through the mulch?
A jogging stroller will have no problem on the mulch.  There will be a paved way back for those who cannot walk on the mulched Heart Trail.
Do I have to raise funds to walk?
You are welcome to join us even if you don't raise pledges, but you will miss out on the opportunity to win fun prizes.
What should I bring?
Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and fun-loving attitude.  You can also bring a package of diapers to donate.
Where should I park?
There is plenty of parking, both paved and on the grass.  Enter the park through the S. Congress entrance, follow the road and the main parking lot will be on the left.  There will be signs and parking attendants to get you to the right place.
How much does it cost to walk?
It's free!  Keep in mind this is a fundraising event, so please consider raising pledges or making a donation the day of the event.
How much is the 5K?
If you register online in advance, the fee is only $35 (psst, there is a $5 off coupon code on the walk flyer).  If you register the morning of the event, the fee goes up to $40, and no coupons will be accepted.
What is First Care and what do they do?
First Care runs 4 life-affirming women's  clinics where women involved in crisis pregnanices can receive a free pregnancy test, free medical care, and counseling.  The goal of First Care is to provide women in crisis pregnancies real and practical alternatives to abortion.
Can I set up a booth or sponsor the event?
We are accepting corporate sponsors.  We won't be having any booths this year, but we will be happy to pass out your coupons or flyers, and list you on our program.  
Email for more information.
Do I collect the money that people pledge?
If someone gives you money, simply bring it to the registration table on the day of the walk.  
What do I do if someone wants to be billed?
Fill out their address on the pledge form, check “Bill me” and we’ll handle the rest.  
Do you take checks?
Yes, make checks payable to FIRST CARE.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes.  You can make a credit card payment onyour fundraising page, or you can donate to First Care directly.
Can someone give online?
Yes! You can give online at or on our fundraising page.
Do I have to pre-register for the Walk?
No, but you will be missing out on great online fundraising tools, and the ability for people to give via credit card.