Carolyn Nitto

Clinic Director, Boca Raton

Sandi Davis

Clinic Director, Belle Glade

Krista Shaw

Database Assistant

Brenna Jorgensen

Executive Assistant

Jessica Cintron

Clinic Assistant, Lake Worth

Beau Heyman

Executive Director

Sharleen Stuart

Finance/Clinical Executive Assistant

Celeste Li, M.D.

Medical Director

Donna Irizarry

Clinic Director, Lake Worth

Administration Team


Development Operations Coordinator

Yvette Williams

Clinic Assistant, Belle Glade

Bonnie Leonard, R.N.

 Floor Nurse

Leadership Team

The compassionate care available at First Care Women's Clinic is delivered by our dedicated staff. As a team, we are committed to providing the best quality of care and support for our clients and their families. Our clinic includes qualified physicians, nurses, and sonographers, as well as volunteers. 

Sally Gagnon

Database Assistant

PO Box 15198 | WPB FL 33416 |561.688.2163

Clinic Staff

Elizabeth Sandlin, R.N.

Floor Nurse, Lake Worth

Mary Michaels, R.N.

Nurse Manager

Jane Winn

Abortion Recovery Director

Lorie Bishop

Clinic Director, West Palm Beach

Sonya DeWitt

Finance Director

Sharon Solimini, R.N.

Floor Nurse, Boca Raton

Amanda Richter

Front Desk Asst., West Palm Beach

Sharon Brewer

Director Emeritus

Diana Sowers

Director of Pregnancy Services

Our Staff

Karol Cufferi

Programs/Finance Administration Assistant