Shauna's Story

Babies were spared from abortion through the support their mothers received at First Care.

Ashley's Story

Abortion has taken a devastating toll on our nation. We have lost over 56 million unborn babies to abortion since 1973. The sheer loss of human life is unparalleled by any other event in American history. Abortion is the leading cause of death in our nation. With 1.2 million abortions each year, it's more than the total loss of life due to heart disease (600,000 per year) and cancer (575,000 per year) combined. In our state of Florida, one in three women have experienced abortion firsthand. In our community of Palm Beach County, we lose nearly 6,000 babies to abortion every year. These numbers are staggering to consider. As abortion has become so normalized in our culture as a reasonable means for ending an unwanted pregnancy, it is vital for women to understand the gravity of this decision. Consider the 80% Rule: If a woman considering an abortion goes to an abortion clinic first for help, over 80% of the time she will choose an abortion. However, if she goes to a life-affirming pregnancy clinic first, receiving education, support, and an ultrasound, over 80% of the time she will choose life.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~

Women received life-affirming medical care, counseling, and education.

The Impact of Abortion

Ramona's Story


Women heard the life-transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Impact:


First Care's Annual Impact

First Care exists to intervene in a woman's search for an abortion to provide her with the help, support, and truth she needs to choose life for her unborn baby and know the love of Christ.

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